Marposs complements its geometric measurement solutions with solutions for non-destructive testing using eddy current technology.

The testing options can be divided in three large groups:

  • Material integrity test, to check for the presence of defects (cracks, porosity, blow holes, inclusions) on the surface and in the layer just below the surface.
  • Material properties test, to check if the thermal cycles (hardening, hardening and tempering, annealing, stress relieving, etc.) have been performed correctly. Material identification checks are done to sort parts with the same geometry but made with different materials.
  • Thread inspection to check if the treading has been carried out and its quality.

In addition to the non-destructive checks performed with the eddy currents, we have developed a durometer for the conventional measurement of surface hardness, according to the Rockwell scale (HRC or HRA); which uses a diamond penetrator to measure the hardness of the sample being tested.

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